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Whether it’s with ourselves or other human beings, relationships are the fastest track to becoming conscious of our true divine nature. Our nature of love, respect, and innocence. We tend to pay the most attention when we get hurt by the people we thought we could build a forever lasting future with. We become shocked when we realize that even our own family (whether biological or non-biological) can be so judgmental of our actions and unsupportive of our dreams. The realization of how negatively we were treated has caused us to acquire many unhealthy habits that we thought were the right way to live for years. In the process we settle for what’s easy to obtain out of fear that we will not receive our truest desires. We can easily fall into the trap of doing anything just to make a lot of money because we are afraid of being seen as a “loser” or are hellbent on proving those who have doubted us wrong. We can get so angry at those who have wronged us that we waste our time and energy on seeking revenge on them or hurting others because we have been hurt.

The awakening process begins when we become aware of how our ego has been running the show all of our lives and how much remorse we feel for our negative actions. This was all part of the divine plan. For if we didn’t know the wrong way to live, we wouldn’t know the right way to live. And when I say the wrong way to live I mean hurting others and causing chaos that leads to destruction. That includes ourselves!

I am here to serve as one of your spiritual guides on this journey. Whether you are going through the dark night of the soul, wish to discover your life purpose, are in need of how to navigate your relationships, or are feeling stuck on the twin flame/soulmate journey, I’d be more than happy to help you. Please select the sessions tab to view my services. Namaste my fellow truth seeker!

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