Wanting to know exactly, step by step, how a desire you wish to manifest will happen (literally). This causes obsessive overthinking, which then instantly creates a plethora of negative emotions; making you feel like you’re being buried alive, six feet deep. I feel that this is because of our traumatic past experience where we did not get what we wanted.

We want to be 100% certain that we do not fail to get what we want without making a single error. We say to ourselves “If I know exactly what to do this time around then I won’t mess it all up and I certainly won’t be lost getting there!”.

The ironic part though is, attempting to predict every single step of the way causes us to get lost and also block it from coming through. Believe me, I had a constant, obsessive need to not only consult my own divination tools, but to also obsessively consult other psychics for crystal clear answers. Yet the answers never truly came to me until the scenarios actually played themselves out in 3D reality. This came from not trusting my intuition, because I felt that my intuition totally failed me in the past (when it was actually my ego guiding me in the past).

To go even deeper, if you think about it, we have been conditioned to take life completely seriously (which then leaves no room to relax or truly enjoy the present moment). We experience psych outs (which I’ll talk about in another blog post) that throw us for a mental and emotional loop. They make us feel like we are unable to reach our desired outcome, serving as a horrifying reminder of the past (which was just simply contrast).

For example, I would start to write affirmations about receiving a lot money. Listening to meditations on YouTube on repeat. Saying these affirmations mentally and aloud. Starting to feel that awesome feeling of wealth until I saw a bill come in the mail, money being taking away from me, or being reminded of how ridiculously expensive life is!!! My hope became crushed in a New York minute. I would then start to hear my father say “Money doesn’t grow on trees!”.

Insurmountable pressure filled me up to the brim. My imagination seemed so childish. I thought and felt that I got so carried away; being friggin’ delusional. However, that’s because I was taught from an extremely narrow/limited perspective.

That the ONLY way to receive a lot of money is to work your skull off at a job you didn’t have any passion for. Yet I kept seeing A LOT of other people making a A LOT of money doing something they were passionate about. What was I missing? What was wrong with me? Am I cursed? These were the questions that would run through my brain endlessly.

I would resign to the belief that I just didn’t have what it takes to achieve my goals. BUT this is because I was continuing to view and execute life through an extremely narrow lens. Especially when you throw time into the equation. Thinking about time wasted and youth wasted, that I’ll never get back. Yet I forgot that life can change in an instant (even in just ONE DAY) for the absolute better in a HUGE way!

Instead of focusing on receiving the instant gratification, I realized instead to focus on each single day doing my best and trusting that the desired results will come. Not being afraid that my effort will be ALL FOR NOTHING! For that was definitely one of my biggest fears…

The bottom line is that all we can do (and should do) is put forth our best effort and then LET GO. Let go of trying to figure out how tomorrow will play out and to focus on today instead. To go with what feels good to do instead of what doesn’t feel good to do. Trusting that if a desire we want to happen so badly doesn’t happen it’s either because it’s not the right time or that there’s something even better in store. It just takes some honest discipline to work on your goals as much as possible, one step at a time, without all the distractions.

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