As a spiritual coach who specializes in helping folks who are in a twin flame dynamic, I’ve speculated that the twin (often referred to as the runner) suddenly pulls away from the connection one day out of the blue…even if there wasn’t anything wrong (also commonly referred to as ghosting).

This runner twin outright denies that they have any romantic feelings for their twin soul whatsoever.

They claim to have none even though it’s so obvious that they DO in fact have full-blown romantic feelings.

Why does this happen?!

Could it really be that you were completely delusional this whole time?!

Or were you spot-on and knew deep down that this was/is all part of the “separation process”?

Well…here are some things to consider:

  1. Was there tension because they were already in a relationship with someone else (karmic soulmate)?
  2. Are they being extremely logical, thinking to themselves “How is this ever going to work out because of our background differences?” or “What would my friends and family think?”
  3. Are they feeling unworthy of true unconditional love because they have been used to conditional love their entire life?
  4. Are they still in ego and simply not giving their twin a chance because they (their twin) appears to be different than anyone else they’ve dated before?

These questions (and more) can attempt to explain this deeply frustrating and depressing phenomenon that other twins and myself have experienced, BUT, ultimately it comes down to free will and time.

Time for your twin to reflect and free will for them to decide if they are genuinely wanting and willing to take a leap of faith. To take a chance on true unconditional love with you, their twin.

Yes, it is completely infuriating to witness your twin still choosing to be with someone who they’ve clearly been back and forth with.

To see them be with a karmic partner who does not give a shit about them. 

To see them being taken advantage of.

To see them wasting their time being with someone who is not the one

The one of course is their twin, and they are shitting and pissing on the gift that God is trying to give them that’s on a silver platter…

And if only there was a heart-to-heart, face to face conversation could there be a possible change in this dynamic.

Leaving us wondering what to do next…

Force ourselves to date other people while faking happiness every day?

Doing Shadow Work until divine timing magically kicks in?

Resort to becoming a monk for the rest of our life?

I don’t think there’s an easy answer to this…but all I do know is that the best thing we can do is have faith.

Have faith that there is a silver lining to all of this insanity.

Have faith that God will still lead us to a happy outcome eventually, whether we end up being with our twin flame or not.

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