GoDaddy upsold me an expensive website backup plan that I simply DID NOT NEED. There were in fact plenty of free plugins (or much lower cost paid plugins) available for me to use instead.

GoDaddy has NEVER ONCE been helpful in resolving an abuse report issue that I had. It’s absolutely pathetic and a joke. I have sent SO MANY requests (in order to contact different domain holders via GoDaddy’s website) and yet NOT ONE domain holder responded back to me or took any action as per my request. I ALWAYS had to reach out to the hosting provider in order to successfully fulfill my request (granted if it was a different host provider than GoDaddy).

GoDaddy is an absolute GREEDY BASTARD when it comes to their “website broker” service. The amount of money that they charge for this service is absolutely obscene and makes you despise their guts instantly; which I despise with a passion!!! I opted to give them the middle finger and chose a different domain extension other than a dot com (in those cases where the dot com one I wanted was already taken). They know that dot coms are favored over all other domain extensions when it comes to search engine indexing and they’ve been trying to take advantage of that fact for years.

GoDaddy is extremely hands off when it comes to helping you with the WordPress aspect of your website, unless you pay them A LOT of money for their help. Maybe this has changed by now, but I know damn well that I DID NOT GET ANY HELP (back when I definitely needed it). This was totally despicable, considering the high amount of money I paid them. They shouldn’t be offering a product that they cannot provide support for. My experience with Managed WordPress SUCKED! My website crashed due to an issue with “incompatible plugins”, but it was really because GoDaddy’s watered down version of WordPress was trash. As you can imagine I was FURIOUS!!!

GoDaddy’s D.I.Y. website builder is severely limited in capabilities. Their example templates look attractive, but when you actually try to build the site for real you will discover how little you are able to modify it.


BlueHost had an issue with their D.I.Y. website builder that they promised to fix. They claimed that they were prioritizing the issue, but after an entire month the issue was STILL NOT FIXED!!! One of the WordPress plugins had a bug, rendering it to be completely useless. This was a big problem, as I simply was not able to accept payment from customers as a result.

BlueHost has a really annoying 2-step authentication token system that requires you to authenticate who you are every time you contact them for support. I must say that SquareSpace and WordPress make it super simple and easy to chat with an expert. All other hosting and domain providers outta take a leaf from SquareSpace’s approach to this.

BlueHost made it an ABSOLUTE NIGHTMARE to transfer out to another provider. I must have contacted them more than 10 times over the span of weeks in order to successfully transfer out to another host. They made the process way too complicated, unnecessarily.

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