I kept seeing ads for this product on Facebook and Instagram constantly. I was skeptical that this consumable liquid would live up to its potential claims that are listed in the product description: Frankincense, Myrrh & Gold Ormus – Kejiwa Alchemy (

Nevertheless, out of curiosity (and in the hope of aiding my potential to manifest more quickly), I decided to give this pricey bottle a try. I opted for the regular 101 ml size since the sample size was sold out. Also, the XL 500 ml size was more than double the price of the regular size. So it made logical sense to buy the smaller size in case I didn’t find the product to be satisfactory…

Well what I will say is that the liquid does have a pretty good taste and smell to it. It does go down smoothly when ingesting it. The screw cap for sealing the bottle is well made. However, that’s all the positives I can say about this product.

I honestly did not experience any type of reaction from drinking the liquid. I didn’t feel any boost to my energy, it did not open up my pineal gland, I did not have lucid dreams, and I didn’t at least feel like I dropped into a state of meditation because of it.

Now while the website does mention that it’s possible that some people may not feel anything, I think it’s pretty ludicrous to make so many claims only to end up NOT experiencing any of the supposed positive benefits.

I do respect innovation and am willing to try new products that I find online even if I haven’t heard of them before, but I sincerely feel like I got ripped off.

Of course the website is flooded with only 5 star reviews (and not that many reviews altogether) which is quite suspicious. How convenient for the company to not offer a refund or exchange if you’ve opened the product.

Bottom line, if you are thinking about purchasing from this company or know someone who is considering doing so, I’d advise you to keep your money and look elsewhere. I feel that’s it fair to label them as a gimmick.

If you know of another company that offers a similar product that has worked for you or if you’ve had success with Kejiwa’s products, please feel free to comment down below.


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