Letting Go Of Control & Surrendering To The Path Of Romance (I Mean Self-Love) IS…

Intense to say the least. This digusting path to “enlightenment” is so convoluted; it’s filled with heavy mindf*cks galore. And yet where is the proverbial candy to break free from the groundhog’s day circle? Is this just a forced waiting period or is there something that I am just “not getting” in order for it all to click into place? So many quantum possibilities yet it still doesn’t “make sense”. Is it even supposed to?

Something’s gotta f**kn give! That’s what I would think…how can it all just be a giant illusion? It’s so easy to forget (to just even trying to love ourselves) when we are constantly fed temptation. Temptation to stray the path. Yes, divine timing is a thing for sure, however, what if my focus were on things that were not part of the new reality. Essentially letting go of a bad old habit and changing it to a good, aligned habit instead. You or I may technically be in an undesired reality, but with the shift in habits and focus will quantum leap into the desired reality. The real-life fantasy.

Not to sit and worry about how exactly it will all be rearranged for the next step to be taken. Trusting that will each changed behavior, you will shift. Could be something like pretending to already live with your SP. How to make it believable to you personally. And just asking ourselves “Do I believe that I don’t live in this reality? or Do I believe that do I live in this reality?” How to know if our subconscious mind is actually, totally convinced…how can we tell we made a good impression on the silly bastard! We start to see evidence of that reality unfolding before our very eyes. Being grateful for this unfolding. Knowing that it’s happening (even if it’s seemingly simple; like it happened to someone else). But we don’t like that. It makes us feel jealous. Training to not feel so jealous it can be tough to do alone. This is why it’s phenomenal when you can work this feeling out with someone you can trust. A friend, a spiritual coach, a family member etc. Controlling the feelings and habits, that’s in our control, but what gets in the way is our insanely logical thought process. We think “How are we going to change all this now?!

It’s a day at time. If we have trouble doing it alone, an accountability partner can be a powerful force to reckon with. It’s so easy to procrastinate. To default to the unwanted habit. To be lost in a godforsaken sea abyss…drowning in massive fears, grief, anger, shame, guilt, remorse etc. The disempowering emotions. What are we feeding our subconscious mind? Feeling proud for wanting it badly enough to work through the discomfort. For pushing yourself to stick to the new habit. The new habits that will transform you and your reality, simultaneously. This a form of self-love. This what we need to default to.

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