In my manifesting experience, I’ve personally speculated that there are inevitable moments in time where it appears like things aren’t moving at all (or what feels like at a snail’s pace…)

THOSE INEVITABLE MOMENTS constantly made me feel like I was doing something wrong with setting my intentions, originally.

It also made me feel like I was doing my affirmation work incorrectly (or not enough! )

However, in reality, I was doing all of it correctly…it was just that I needed to make a firm demand to the universe that I was in fact ready to receive it already!!! 🙂

To let the universe know that I am ready to receive it NOW before my very eyes (that only my blinded heart could see this whole time).

To let the universe know that I have been patient LONG ENOUGH by bitching at the universe, and bitching at the people who could actually help me with actually manifesting my heart’s desires!

Ultimately, you are combining bitching with confidence and surrendering.

Confident that you will definitely get your outcome no matter what.


I am not insinuating that you BITCH @ everything and everyone all the time, HAHA!

Instead I am saying that you bitch sparingly and respectfully on an as needed basis to push you forward on your path.

So that you can receive what you want sooner rather than later.

In other words, you are self-advocating.

For example,

I recently had to BITCH AT different electronic companies to manifest what I desired to have in my 3D reality.

The keyboard that I am typing on right now (Logitech Combo Touch for iPad Pro) started to go wonky after owning it for a year and change. Prompting me to then contact Logitech to get a warranty replacement keyboard.

I believe that this is the first time ever in my life where I even F-ING bothered to get a warranty replacement with Logitech (because their products in my experience have always been an absolute pleasure to use). This keyboard is certainly no exception…

However, I was waiting patiently for weeks without any word from Logitech about getting a keyboard replacement.

So I then called and bitched at customer service a few times. I spoke to three different support agents until I got the right person to help me.

Not in a nasty way with cursing and insults. Not at all.

Instead I did it with respect and stayed mostly calm, yet I still remained firm with my request.

To let the representatives understand that I know it’s not their fault at all that I am having this issue, but that it’s also not nice at all that I am waiting so long; still without a replacement keyboard.

Sure enough the third agent I spoke to was super nice and empathetic to my situation.

He did his absolute best to accommodate me as a customer. I was definitely impressed and grateful for his effort to assist me with issuing the free replacement keyboard.

Yes, I could have just simply bought a new keyboard, but I do very much enjoy seeing a company who truly stands behind their products and customers.

To see that I could in fact get that free replacement and not have to shell out another close to $200 for a new keyboard.

As much as I love the Apple Magic keyboard for the iPad, it doesn’t have a row of function keys (which is super inconvenient and disappointing) and the trackpad honestly could be bigger like the Logitech trackpad. The Logitech keyboard on the other hand isn’t nearly as eye candy as the Apple Magic keyboard. But that’s only a minor drawback to me personally as I feel that functionality is far more important than looks when it comes to peripherals such as a keyboard.

Bottom line is that I got what I wanted within a week, simply because I bitched a little bit. Same thing with getting a free 2TB G-Drive from Apple. But that’s another story 🙂

Think of it as taking the reins when riding a horse and telling the horse where you want it to go. For if you just let it run anywhere, it’s probably not going to take you where YOU want to go. In your manifesting journey that is.

P.S. I am not paid or sponsored by Logitech. I just genuinely enjoy using their products.

You can buy the Combo Touch I have here:

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