Have you ever wanted to know who you were and what you did in a previous life before being born into this earth based lifetime? A past life regression is a deeply relaxing, gentle hypnosis that can not only refresh your conscious memory of what happened in a previous life of yours, but it can also bring you back to an earlier memory (such as a childhood memory) that you may have forgotten. The benefits of having a past life regression done even just one time are remarkable. The more sessions you have done the more you can benefit in terms of healing mental, emotional, and even physical pain that has been stored in your body.

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Whether you are having difficulty manifesting something in your life or you are struggling to reach your desired outcomes, I am here to help push you into achieving that new reality which you desire to have! It’s only natural to want to be with your one true twin flame/soulmate and to be working in your dream job. However, our bad habits can easily get in the way of bringing what we want into our life. My job is to hold you accountable so that you can break those bad habits, develop good habits, and get you to the place you want to be at. From your very first session we will develop a personalized strategy so that we can get you results starting immediately.



Are you wanting to get messages from the spirit world that can accurately offer you guidance in your life regarding your love life or career? Well look no further…in just 30 minutes I will deliver messages to you using a combination of tarot and oracle cards as well as my intuitive thoughts and feelings to help clarify your past, present, and/or future situation!

*Please note at this time I am not offering health or legal based readings*



“I have worked with a lot of coaches who had different specialties throughout my life, but Adam is easily in the top 3 in my opinion. He is very warm, courteous, polite, friendly, authentic, patient, observant, attentive, positive, and holds space. He’s there for you 100 percent of the time. I hands down highly recommend working with Adam today”.

— ANDREY (Queens, New York)

I did the TF reading with Adam. It was incredible. He offered me some genuine insight and helped me to see some things I was not seeing. I would absolutely do this again!”

— TONY (Homer, New York)