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  3. If Ascension Express or its affiliates deem you are threatening or contemplating suicide, they reserve the right in advance to contact 911 or to direct you to a suicide hotline. Present or past suicidal thoughts however, that are used to express how you are feeling currently are acceptable so long as they are being used as a gateway to your inner healing (during a paid reading or session). Ascension Express or its affiliates are not liable if you choose to take your own life or inflict injury on yourself, another human being, or any other living creature.

 4. Ascension Express has a 50% cancellation policy. If you book a reading or session at any time and then choose to cancel, you will forfeit half of the money you’ve spent. This is because you would be taking up another client’s time that they could have booked instead of you. You will have exactly 1 calendar year from the date that you booked the reading or session to use it up. If you decide that you don’t want to use it for yourself, you can give it as a gift for someone else to use. Just be sure to notify the owner of Ascension Express of the change by email so it can be adjusted accordingly. There is no additional charge for gifting a session to someone else.

 5. If you show up to your video, phone call, email, or instant message reading or session more than 15 minutes late, you automatically forfeit the entire amount you paid for.

 6. Ascension Express has a strict no refund policy, so please be sure to think twice before booking a reading or session!

 7. Ascension Express reserves the right to terminate any type of reading or session at any time if it deems your behavior is inappropriate or illegal

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 10. Ascension Express does not discriminate against anyone for any reason. All backgrounds, colors, religions, races, sexes, beliefs etc. are all welcome aboard!

 11. If you need to re-schedule a video, phone call, email, or instant message reading or session, please do so with 24 hours’ notice. You will be allowed to re-schedule twice only, unless there is an emergency involved which you will be asked to show proof for. If you ask to re-schedule an appointment for a third time without a valid reason and proof, you will forfeit the entire amount you paid for the reading and/or session.