“I have worked with a lot of coaches who had different specialties throughout my life, but Adam is easily in the top 3 in my opinion. He is very warm, courteous, polite, friendly, authentic, patient, observant, attentive, positive, and holds space. He’s there for you 100 percent of the time. I hands down highly recommend working with Adam today”


I did the TF reading with Adam. It was incredible. He offered me some genuine insight and helped me to see some things I was not seeing. I would absolutely do this again!”


“I had my first hour long session with Adam today.  He is an amazing soul with a contagious energy.  He helped me identify a huge block within minutes into our session.  After the session, I felt lighter and loved.  God had me cross paths with Adam for a reason, and I am looking forward to walk a road with him. Keep up the good work!!” Brightest blessings 🙂


”This evening I had my free 30 minute consultation with Adam. Just being able to talk to someone openly about my journey was extremely helpful. I just want to take this time to thank him and say I can’t wait to start working with him next week!”


“I am truly blessed and thrilled to have had a Past Life Regression with Adam Namaste! During the session I recalled 3 different lives that I lived. Two as a woman and one as a man. I survived two wars as a man and as a woman I bore many children. I lived near the Nile and in Hawaii with a husband working as a blacksmith. As a man I was forced to leave a woman I loved in Holland during the war to return to Britain. Ultimately I became a baker with a little bakery in the UK.

Adam has a charming personality mixed with the perfect amount of humor. He is non-judgemental, very spiritually guided, patient, and overall a gifted hypnotist. I highly recommend contacting Adam for your Past Life Regression. He does not disappoint!”


”Adam was AHH-mazing. I was blown away at the information that he was able to bring forth and that came along with that. I’ve done past life regressions and done self work but the ONE THING I needed the most and never fully understood was elusive to me. Adam was able to bring out that one major thing that has been hanging me up and not been able to FULLY heal from or fully access. I’ve been able to understand and heal soul trauma as well as understand some relationships and the repeating karma, debts and ties. Which is amazing! I highly, highly recommend Adam and the beautiful work that he does.”


”So I’ve never believed in past life regressions and how they could supposedly delve deep into your old lives; being a skeptic at heart. Adam invited me to give it a shot. I figured, ‘Hey what do I have to lose? It’s not like anything will change or happen’…I thought wrong. He led me into some strange and deep places that allowed me to look deep into my past in vivid detail I didn’t think was possible. I was able to revisit memories that stirred up emotions I hadn’t felt until then. I was able to discover how and why I was the way I was. Particularly where my old fashioned views about society and gender come from. Adam helped me peer into my soul’s memory and I saw myself in an old almost puritan like society. I remembered being dressed in white, having blonde hair, and being expected by my parents to get married. I’ve accidentally seen this woman many times in dreams and visions, and seeing her again in my session validated that this was real. I recommend that you give it a shot and allow Adam to guide you deeply into your past lives. You will find out more than you know about who you are and where you came from. I was not disappointed and he eradicated any doubts I had about the subject whatsoever!”


“Adam did past life regression work with me and I was absolutely blown away by it! The incredible amount of information that was brought through (combined with the safe, relaxed environment that Adam created) made it an unforgettable 5 star experience! Each session is unique, customized just for you. Book a past life regression with Adam today. You’ll be in for a wonderful treat!”


“I had the most amazing consultation with Adam Namaste! What an incredible man. He’s so easy to speak to, incredibly knowledgeable, and very understanding. Thank you Adam for giving up your time to consult with me. We need more people like you in our lives. I’ll certainly be in touch for more sessions.”


”Adam is an open-minded, intuitive reader. He was able to pick up on my life purpose and motivated me to get started immediately! All the cards that were pulled out during my reading resonated with my current situations. I am looking forward to getting more in-depth readings from him in the future!” 🙂


”Thank you Adam for your reading & insight! The reading you gave me was relevant and it was exactly what I needed to know at this point in time. You gave me clarity and I can relate it back completely to my current situation. I’m quite surprised at just how well it all flowed and made sense. You are easy to talk to and some of what you said today I will definitely remember and use to guide me moving forward. Thank you for being so calm and friendly. And so funny too haha!”


“Adam is awesome! Very laid back. I’m typically fairly shy, but he is really easy to talk to and open up to. I got some good insight and really spot on reminders. In fact he almost verbatim said some things I’ve said to myself in working on a specific problem. It was great confirmation for me!”


”Adam is a very compassionate and gifted soul who is in tune to the ways of the universe. His card reading for me was completely on point! He offered me great words of wisdom on how to further help myself with my own personal twin flame journey. He’s always such an uplifting person and never skips a beat to spread love and light throughout our universe!”

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